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Alhamdulillah!!! Trickbd is again back to us :D

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welcome to the new version of trickbd … You all know that trickbd.com’s wapka host is now showing blank page.. So We decided to continue trickbd in new paid host 🙂


We had 116227 members,many tunes & tuners in our old wapka host and about 3 years we stay with wapka.. 🙁

But if wapka dont give us site back it will be only a story… But it doesn’t matter..

If trickbd wants to do somenthing good for people people will always love trickBD 🙂

And you all know our main target is to do something good for all of you 🙂

So stay with us for your own benefit 🙂

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Love to play with programs!! :D

81 responses to “Alhamdulillah!!! Trickbd is again back to us :D”

  1. sana-ullah says:

    hmmm….I m also back in this platform! 😀

  2. shakib04 says:

    trickbd domain ki eta hobe?

  3. website এর timer এ সমেস্যা আছে

  4. arafat says:

    trick old page ta vlo chilo , ki hoyeche trickbd old tar??

  5. Welcome Back My Beloved Trickbd

  6. KmRiazBD says:

    we are very happy for come beck trickbd but we loss all our data

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