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android basic app system tricks

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If you gets annoying app notifications & If you want
to turn them off, and you are on Jelly Bean 4.1 and above, here’s how:
1. When you get the annoying notification long press on the notification
for App info to appear.Tap on App Info Untick Show Notifications..Now You
will not get any kind of annoying notification from that app again .

2. Disable Mobile Data or set Data limit can help keep your smartphone battery
from draining too quickly

3.You can Add Multiple Google Accounts to your android device if you need
Follow this way:
1. Go to Settings=>Add account+>Select Google and setup your New
or Existing Google account.
Once added, choose what you want to sync with the account.
you can add more accounts by the same way.

4. Disable automatic App Updates bow following this way:
Open Play Store and head over to
Setting=>Tap on Auto-update apps=> Choose Do not auto-update apps.
If you want to enable the auto updates,follow the same path and choose Auto-
update apps at any time or via Wi-Fi

To update your apps manually, just open Play Store , and on the main page swipe
in from the left and tap on My apps. You can tap on apps with pending updates
and update them manually, or if you like to update them all at once, just tap on
Update All .

5. To Check For android System update check this instruction..go to
settings=>about phone=>wireless update=>Check for updates
[Try to update your phone over wifi]

6.Changing Default Apps If you have already set some default
apps for particular tasks (e.g. using opera for opening web links) but wish
to change this:
go to app list =>select any app=>Tap on clear defaults

10.Turn of auto corrections made by your keyboards
Go to Settings=>Language& input=>Tap on the settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using, e.g.
Google Keyboard=>Look for Auto-correction and tap on it=>Select Off to turn auto-correction off.
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