User Rights

When user registered in trickbd, user will get default role Contributor.

What can do TrickBD Contributor:

  • Contributor can create a new topic and submit them for review.
  • Contributor can make comment on other user’s topic

Among all Contributor TrickBD admin panel choose talented users and give them role of Author.

What can do TrickBD Author:

  • Author can create¬† and publish new topic.
  • They can also have power to edit their own topic any time.
  • Authors can make comment on other user’s topic.


  • The content created by Author or Contributor is their own creativity and those contents all rights reserved by Author/Contributor. TrickBD is a media to share knowledge.
  • TrickBD can remove any poor quality or copy-pasted content from users account.
  • If any user breaks Terms Trickbd has right to block that user account.