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[Trainers guideline]Create topic on trickbd from pc

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In new trickbd some trainers are facing trouble to create topic.. Or they don’t know how to create topic on wordpress or how to add images/screenshot on post… Here I am posting a complete guideline for tuners..


For Computer Users:

Its very easy to create any topic on wordpress from computer .You don’t not know any external html knowledge .Just log in to your account=>go to dashboard=> go to add new post..

If you want to add screenshot to your post by using add media function.. Or use html image tag

<img src=”http://image link”>

trainers guideline



Then First box put the title of your post .. from yellow marked area you can use any html code to insert screenshot,link,change the color of text etc.


After completely written the tune you need to select 1 or more category..Select categories which is belongs to your post…

category tricbd



Under category you will see a option tag… Add more related tags to your post then people will easily find your post from search engines ..



Featured Image :

Featured image is the beauty of your tune..  So you have to must add a featured image to your post which will show what is about your post..

As like this post is about guidelines so I have to upload featuerd which is guideline related

For uploading featured image click on “Set featured image ” then upload a topic related photo which will be added to  homepage thumbnail images

fetured image


If you want to know any thing about create topics from computer then feel free to comment below 🙂





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33 responses to “[Trainers guideline]Create topic on trickbd from pc”

  1. Ifsad says:

    Vai, ami post A ekta code dite parsi na.. Code is-

    Without “@”…
    Eita dile kisu dekhay na…

  2. KhanRaj74@ KhanRaj74@ says:

    vi featured image dawer por ki korbo please. help

  3. Ifsad says:


    Code dekhay na keno ?? Pls help me..

  4. KhanRaj74@ KhanRaj74@ says:

    রানা ভাই দয়া করে আমার এই কমেন্ট টা দেখবেন।
    ট্রিকবিডিতে কিভাবে অ্যান্ড্রএড দিয়া পোষ্ট করব? Full tutorial ta dan please.

  5. android এর জন্য একটা ইউজার ফ্রেন্ডলি এডিটর বানান ভাইয়া, নাহলে খুব অসুবিধা হচ্ছে

    • Sharif Khan says:

      আমি এই কথাটা বেশ কয়েকবার রানাকে বলেছি, আসলে ট্রিকবিডি ইউজার রা অনেকেই মোবাইল দিয়ে ব্রাউজ করে, ফলে মোবাইল ইউজার ফ্রেন্ডলি একটা ইউজার ড্যাশবোর্ড হলে সবারই উপকার হবে 🙂

  6. meshkat meshkat says:

    trick bd te aibar je keu post korte parbe na.

  7. chamakrohid says:

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